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About Beyond Asian Antiques and Floral

Working for close to twenty years along side Joe and Mary Arnold, owners of the premier Asian Antiques gallery "East and Beyond", had the pleasant side-effect of making Ron a knowledgeable and passionate fan and collector of all things Asian.

One thing he does know is that there is so much to know in this area and thus nobody is truly an expert. This hasn't slowed his desire to continue gaining knowledge in this area. He is happy to have a space to marshall his resources to bring the best antiques of this kind to you and your home.

Throughout the years, being surrounded by so many beautiful furnishings he recognizes that these pieces have an energy and spirit about them that evokes the spirit of the culture in which they originate. Offering to you the many pieces in his shop from China, Japan, Korea, Tibet and beyond will help bring that beauty spirit and energy into your own living spaces.

Also a talented floral designer and artist, Ron has been bringing the beautful and extraordinary to families, businesses, newlyweds and discerning designers for over twenty years. Now in a new space in the old familiar neighborhood, Ron is "Open for Business" to serve your simple-to-complex design needs for your home, business, wedding and garden. Call to schedule a consultation today!

Got a design problem to solve or a specific space/furniture need? E-mail me about it.

I’m Open for Business bringing the aesthetics and joy of Asian Antiques and distinctive Floral Design to your home and business. I am happy to provide what I call “Furnishings with Spirit”.

– Ron Shake

About Beyond Asian Antiques and Floral

Asian Antiques


Furnishing authentic classical and vernacular Asian antiques with Spirit. We Specialize in unique Asian Alter,wine and side tables; chairs, Armoirs, benches,stools as well as unique decor items and art-objects from China, Japan, Korea, Tibet and Beyond.



A brides’ joy and a wedding planner’s dream, We can make your wedding florals unforgettable and uniquely tailored to your, design concept, tastes, and budget.

Silver Linings


An altogether unique decor element to brighten your space and catch your heart. For when something extra special is needed for your living spaces.







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Got a design problem to solve or a specific space/furniture need? E-mail me about it here

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